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A major user accounts update!

A major user accounts update!
01-11-2019, 19:13

Dear investors! To make the Bitexa platform even more suitable for the users, today we decided to provide some account updates. They will significantly improve the working process with our platform and will help you to earn more!

So, the updates are the following:

1. Updated design. After all the technical works are done, you will see an absolutely new and easy-in-use interface with plenty of features and functions.

2. New trading robot. We have created one more Bitexa trading bot — BITEXA BTC 2. So, now you have a choice of two unique profit-making tools right in your account. You can use either only one or both of the bots. 

3. Unlimited quantity of robots. Now you can buy as many robots as you want to increase your income. 

4. Fixed prices. Since today, all the robots can be bought by the fixed rates. To activate the BITEXA BTC 1 you need to invest 0.003 BTC. The second bot provides more income and considers 0.1 BTC investment. Please, note that if you want the bot to start trading on the same day, you need to activate it before 2 pm Hong Kong time! If you rent it later, the trading will be started the next day.

5. Income commissions. Bitexa platform will charge a 5% commissions of every profit of yours. This measure is necessary for maintaining the site’s operation and providing various improvements to the platform. Also, this money will be used for paying referrals commissions and activity bonuses. 


Warning: the access to your accounts will be restricted for some time, as we will have to apply the updates.