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All the most profitable ways of earning money dealing with cryptocurrency

on one platform

Rely on the team of professionals

Have regular profits

Develop together with Bitexa company

About Bitexa

We work — you earn.

We have been working since 2019

Why Bitexa?

Due to our products, absolutely everyone has an opportunity to set up having active earnings in cryptocurrency. We brought together real experts who actively work on the company’s development, improve it and create new directions of its activity.

Constant development

We constantly deal with the creation of new and correction of the already existing instruments for having earnings in cryptocurrency in order to make the process of operation the site become rather more profitable, simple and secure.

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All the most profitable ways of earning money dealing with cryptocurrency at the one platform.

Our advantages

Progressive growth

Our company is aimed at constant improvement of its and its clients’ financial capacity due to the most reliable and profitable ways of making profits.

Risk management

Due to a wide range of directions of our company’s activity, our experts are able to effectively deal with financial risks and provide only profitable instruments for making profits.

Official registration in Hong Kong

Our company has an official registration. The head company’s office is located in Hong Kong. Also, we have representative offices in other countries all over the world.

24 hours support

Members of our support service team are ready to give you assistance at any moment. They will consult you as soon as it is possible and offer the most effective solutions to all the issues you might have.

Business model

You grow with us!
Presentation of the Bitexa company


Instruments for those who want to earn actively. Have profits by means of soundly used cryptocurrency rates changes.



Determine the price of which of the currencies will raise most of all and receive the money of other users as a profit.

Dividend accrual

Referral program

Invite new users to the platform and receive passive income equal to between 0.3% and 7% of every deposit of theirs.


Start and develop your own team of investors. Create and develop your team of investors. Complete the requirements of the MLM-plan together for level-up and increasing your profit rates.


Instruments for having passive income. Invest and receive profits without taking active part in the process.

Crypto-bot Bitexa

Invest in our trading crypto robot and have passive income during the whole period of its running.

Bonus system

Invite new users and receive bonuses for their activity. The bigger is their total investment amount, the higher is your income rate.

Crypto Betting

Determine the price of which of the suggested currencies will raise most and receive the money of other users as a profit.

How it works?

You are given a choice of 10 different cryptocurrencies. The rates of each of them are constantly changing. Your task is to identify which of the rates will grow most of all during the following 24 hours. Those who are right receive profits equal to the amount of those who lost.

In case if none of the cryptocurrency hasn’t grown somehow during the whole day and all the rates have fallen, wins that one the rate of which decreased less than others’. The rates are fixed, the changes are calculated and payments take place once per 24 hours.

Crypto robot leasing

Lease our trading crypto robots and receive profits.

How it works?

A trading robot, designed by the company’s specialists, automatically identifies profitable cryptocurrency rates changes and sells or buys on its own. Our robots work upon super accurate algorithms which allow conducting tens of profitable operations connected with cryptocurrency trading. Currently, our robots work at two large and popular cryptocurrency stock exchanges. In the near future, we plan to extend the field of our activity and enter other financial and monetary markets.

Receive profits equal to 0,5%-1,5% during the whole period of the bot’s operation. The leasing costs at least 0.003 BTC. The robot will be active until your income is 200% (100% net profit). To start using the products Bitexa

Last Events

Bitexa presentation in Tallinn on October 10
We would like to thank everyone who visited the Bitexa presentation on October 10 in Tallinn! That was an interesting event where we have spoken about our platform and described its advantages and features.
Bitexa online presentation from Mr. Pako Invest on October 12
Hello friends! We are pleased to announce that the webinar from Mr. Pako Invest will be held on October 12 at 16 PM Moscow time.
Webinar: Bitexa platform review on October 8
Dear investors and users! We are glad to announce that soon will take place the first Bitexa webinar in Korean! Don’t lose your chance to be involved in such a useful and interesting event on October 8.
Meeting with MLM Director of Bitexa MD Azimul Islam
We would like to thank everyone who attended the first meeting with our MLM director, MD Azimul Islam, which took place on September 8 in Kolkata!
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